In parallel with our work in basic sciences, we also prioritize the evolution of our conceptual understanding and approaches for biopolymer synthesis into useful biotechnologies.  Applications of our technologies range from anti-stick biopolymer coatings on mammalian cells for reduced aggregation in bioreactors to efficient design and manufacturing of biopolymer lubricants for joint disease, dry eye syndrome, and other biomedical challenges.

One of our notable stories of success has been in the design and large-scale synthesis of recombinant mucin products. Therapeutic and commercial interest in recombinant mucins has existed for decades due to the unique ability of mucins to hydrate, protect, and lubricate biological surfaces. In collaboration with the Reesink lab, we've recently developed several engineered variants of an important mucin-based lubricant called lubricin.  We are actively investigating our engineered lubricins (eLubricins) as solutions for dry eye disease, surgical adhesions, osteoarthritis, and biocompatible coatings for materials. 

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